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Benefits of Rose Absolute

Today we will say few words about rose absolute which is a concentrated aromatic oil extracted from rose petals, specifically from various species of roses, most commonly Rosa damascena (Damask rose) and Rosa centifolia (Cabbage rose). It's widely used in perfumery, cosmetics, and aromatherapy due to its rich and complex fragrance.

The extraction of rose absolute involves a multi-step process, which typically includes the following steps:

Harvesting: The rose petals are usually harvested early in the morning when their oil content is highest and the fragrance is most potent.
Solvent Extraction: Unlike some other essential oils, which are obtained through steam distillation, rose absolute is obtained using a solvent extraction method. The petals are placed in a solvent, often hexane, and the mixture is stirred or agitated. The solvent helps to extract the aromatic compounds from the petals, resulting in a waxy substance known as "concrete."
Concrete Production: The mixture obtained from the solvent extraction contains not only the aromatic compounds but also waxes and other plant materials. This mixture is referred to as "concrete." The concrete is then further processed to separate the essential oil from the waxes and other components.
Purification: The concrete is mixed with alcohol, typically ethanol, which dissolves the essential oil. After this mixing, the solution is chilled to precipitate out the waxes and other non-aromatic components. The resulting liquid is then filtered to obtain the pure essential oil.
Evaporation: The ethanol is typically removed from the oil through a process of evaporation, leaving behind the concentrated rose absolute.
The process of obtaining rose absolute is labor-intensive and requires a large quantity of rose petals to produce a relatively small amount of oil. This contributes to the high cost of genuine rose absolute.


Rose absolute is produced in several countries, with some of the major producers being Bulgaria, Turkey, and Morocco. These regions have climates and soil conditions conducive to growing high-quality roses with rich fragrances. Bulgaria, in particular, is known for producing some of the finest rose absolutes in the world.

It's important to note that there are different types of rose extracts available in the market, including rose essential oil, rose absolute, and rose otto, each with varying extraction methods and fragrance profiles. Rose absolute is known for its deep, rich, and complex aroma and is highly valued in the fragrance and cosmetic industries.

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